Why Rent From Us?

We are probably better known throughout the Northwest as operators of Betting Shops, a business we began in 1980 and which is incorporated in to David Pluck (Northwest) Limited Registered Number 1477372 at Companies House

We are not a letting agency, we only deal in our own property. For you this means that you get a better service because we are going to be more proactive in looking after our tenants and our properties, than an agency would likely be.

Not many tenants know but Letting Agents used to charge landlords the same amount of money, approximately, that the tenant pays in fees; so if were  are a tenant and you paid £300 upfront in fees, the landlord also paid a £300 fee to the agent. 

All this changed 1st June 2019 and it’s expected that the agents will transfer the costs to the landlord (it’s the law that tenants cannot be charged for fees after then) so most landlords are expected to try to recover that by putting up their rent. As we are not a Letting Agent, we do not have to do that.

There is, it has to be said, some rogue landlords in the market place and tenants should try to avoid them.

The deposit taken we do not handle, it goes direct to the Government approved deposit handler.

We have a dedicated maintenance team who look after all our repairs internally, working weekends in emergencies, and believe we are able to respond to problems that arise more quickly than would be the case from an agency, often that has to contact the landlord, get instructions, find builders and so on.

Our administration from our Head Office is managed by Steph Roberts and a team of 6

In short, we believe we offer you a cheaper and better service than a letting agency could.

Because we don’t have the costs of the letting agency we can pass on those savings to our prospective tenants.