Student Jobs

At David Pluck, we have always been keen on employing students. Many university students obtain their degrees whilst working for David Pluck, initially training to work part time, and eventually becoming a deputy manager during their holidays.

As well as earning money by working with us, students will often find that, once their university course has come to an end, prospective employers read the excellent reference and work history on their CV. Our student employees also learn important life skills and recieve excellent work experience.

Students are very useful members of our team. We find that it often suits both the students and ourselves for them to work for us at weekends during term time and then full time for us during vacations. This helps because our permanent staff have holidays when students are on vacation, and it obviously helps students, who are under pressure with student loans and fees.

We find students train to do the job very quickly and often decide they wish to train on to be Deputy Managers.

Bar staff have been applying to us for employment because our shops are never open after 10:00 pm and some bar staff, with the relaxation in liquor licensing laws, have been asked to work extraordinary hours.

How can I apply?

Download and print the Application Form.

Make sure you carefully read all of the information that is contained within the document, and complete the application form. 

post to our head office:

David Pluck (North West) Ltd
PO Box 353
CH25 9EH

or email the completed form to:

If you'd prefer us to post a fact pack to you, please call our recruitment line, leaving your NAME and ADDRESS:

0151 647 0530

Do not leave your phone number. Please be aware that this process will take significantly longer than downloading and printing your pack for yourself.