Never worked in a betting shop before?
Don't fret

We offer all new employees full training to deputy manager level, and then we encourage deputy managers to aim to achieve manager status.

How can I apply?

Download and print the Application Form.

Make sure you carefully read all of the information that is contained within the document, and complete the application form.

post to our head office:

David Pluck (North West) Ltd
PO Box 353
CH25 9EH

or email the completed form to:

If you'd prefer us to post a fact pack to you, please call our recruitment line, leaving your NAME and ADDRESS:

0151 647 0530

Do not leave your phone number. Please be aware that this process will take significantly longer than downloading and printing your pack for yourself. 

In order for you to be considered as an addition to our team, we have certain criteria into which you'll need to fit: 

what we offer

Training - We have a comprehensive training programme and we have achieved the prestigious 'Investor in People' standard as recognition of our excellence in this area. We were the first bookmakers in the country to be awarded this standard. What this means is that we are committed to training our staff to the highest possible level. We are constantly reassessed to ensure that we are maintaining our superior level of practise.

Promotion - We encourage staff to undertake training to advance your career. All staff are now taken on as Deputy Managers (described as an employee who is qualified to manage the shop in the absence of the regular manager.) This is the first step towards full management, and many of our current shop managers started with us as deputy managers.

Pay - Our rate of pay is very competitive (see the fact pack document for more information). Such rates are reviewed annually in April. Staff are paid weekly and receive an itemised pay slip, detailing year to date earnings, tax deductions and NI contributions, etc.

what we need from you

Flexibility - we require our staff to be adaptable in order for us to staff our chain of shops, although we aim to place you at a shop that is close to your home. Teamwork is key and staff are expected to cover each other's absences at short notice.

Age - all employees must be at least 18 years of age by law.

Numerate - you must have a reasonable level of basic numeric skills. A numbers test has been enclosed for you to complete at home.

Computer - All our betting shops now use the slip capture system, which is a computerised method of capturing betting slips. All our staff are required to be competent keyboard operators, though training is provided.

Communication skills - It is vitally important that you are good at dealing with peopl.e Most of your day will involve serving the general public, taking their bets and paying out winnings.

Handling cash - You must feel comfortable handling money. Training will be given so that you are aware of security procedures when dealing with cash.