Experienced Application


1 – Market leading pay. Base pay starts at £11 per hour, changing to £12 per hour from April 2023.
2 – £500 bonus after 12 months service (t&c apply)
3 – Twice yearly rota fulfillment bonus
4 – Tips from happy clients
5 – Wide variety of hours to suit, from part time to full time 40 hours +
6 – Top job security. We haven’t closed any stores or made any staff redundant despite COVID and the energy crisis, unlike most other companies!
7 – The best shops in the betting industry, with constant investment across our estate.
8 – Stores throughout the North West!

Example of a manager’s pay for 2021/2022.

Pay has gone up by at least £1 an hour since then, with another £1 an hour extra coming in April 2023. 

Our minimum rate will be at least £12 from then!

If you've previously worked in the bookmaker industry, we'd be very much interested in seeing what you have to offer. We're keen on taking on quality members of staff, and you could fit the bill.

Please take a few minutes to complete the form, giving the details of your working experience with bookies. You must write at least twenty words before you can submit your information. You don't have to worry - this is not your formal application form, so we don't require you to write us an essay! Use this opportunity to concisely let us know any relevant information.

Rest assured, we will not make contact with your current employer at this stage without your say so. Be sure to leave your home address - this helps to speed up the process a little.

*Please be informed that, if you don't hear back from us within fourteen days, your application has been unsuccessful this time around.